The DTGO Do Good Group is a circle of non-profits that efficiently and effectively implement programs with administrative services and facility management provided and fully funded by DTGO.

The group’s prime purpose is to optimize program outcomes, value for beneficiaries, and the use of resources from donations and other contributions.

The DTGO Do Good Group encompasses a wide range of philanthropic activities covering today’s and tomorrow’s sustainability challenges locally and globally. The circle includes charitable organizations such as Buddharaksa Foundation, Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, Blue Carbon Society, and Buddharaksa Family Association. Social initiatives include The Givers Network and New Heart New World.

The DTGO Do Good Group also acts as a gateway for filling the funding gaps of its members and other charities using funds from the 2% of topline revenues that DTGO companies dedicate to philanthropy.

The DTGO Do Good Group