Adding value in everything we do

Property Development

Building wellness, Luxury & Lifestyle


MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation) is an international property development company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional property development to change society for the better through trend-setting design as well as pioneering and innovative thinking in the interaction of behavioral psychology and materials and system technologies.

By turning ideas into reality, by embracing change that comes from small details as well as disruptive innovation, by welcoming viewpoints that are both local and international, we are creating a truly sustainable society that enables quality living solutions that are beautiful, inspiring and safe.

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The Magnolias brand is a portfolio of unique properties showcasing luxury living deftly harmonized with sustainable global quality standards with a strong emphasis on local heritage and cultural values.

The Whizdom brand offers a lifestyle that emphasizes dynamic, youthful and socially interactive experiences designed to appeal to those who are looking for more interconnected living.


At MQDC, we turn DTGO values into real-world lifestyle experiences that offer our clients the benefits of planning, design and construction based on research-driven insights with commitments to health and well-being.

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Trading, Design & Construction Management

Form, Function & Supply

Dees Supreme

Dees Supreme

Dees Supreme is a domestic and international procurement and trading company dedicated to supporting our clients’ business goals by identifying materials and products that are the best match for market needs as well as safe, eco-friendly and sustainable.

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DTPlans is a professional consulting firm engaged in the business of design and project and construction management for shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings, factories, restaurants, retail stores and indoor and outdoor exhibitions across China and Thailand.

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DT Design

DT Design

DT Design is an integrated architectural design firm that is committed to improving people’s quality of life by incorporating the latest innovations and advanced research into our work. Our areas of expertise include developing master plans, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, and design consulting.

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Building success on strong values

DTGO strives to benefit society and the planet in all its activities. All the group’s companies are expected to follow ethical business practices and to combine the pursuit of commercial success with social and environmental responsibility. Reflecting the group’s not-for-profit origins, each group member also donates 2% of its topline revenue to charity.

Foundations and Social programs

Building community, our youth & environment

DT Families Foundation

A charitable foundation encompassing DTGO’s philosophy through its vision for “A healthy society and sustainable world where all reach their full potential and are actively engaged with compassion toward one another.”

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Buddharaksa Foundation

A charitable foundation that inspires transformative life changes among underprivileged children and youths in Thailand through helping them gain well-rounded educations that impart both wisdom and compassion.

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New Heart New World

A flagship CSR program that helps shape a better world by building a community of good-hearted people.

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