D I Designs Creates Impeccable Differences for CPF Factory

D I Designs Corporation Limited is in charge of
architecture design for CPF Public Company Limited, a processed food plant
branch located in Nongjork, Suwinthawong
Road, Lumpakchee, Nongjork, Bangkok. The
objectives of designing is to increase production efficiency, shift the image
to more luxury and modern, respond needs in creating alternatives for consumers
and add variety to food products.

from aesthetics and usage, D I Designs is also focusing on the building
proportion and material selection which can help save energy. The geometric
shape of the building represents simplicity yet modern and luxury which
well-displays strength and leadership of CPF.

D I Designs also designs \"Observation Mezzanine ”
for plant visitors to observe the production process. 3 Layers of insulated
glass are finely selected to be implemented in the visitor corridor in order to
reduce the temperature from the corridor and the production area which might
affect the food in the production line. The design is successfully complete.