FutureTales Lab Predicts 10 Post-COVID Trends

20 April 2020, BangkokFutureTales Lab by MQDC has predicted 10 top trends that will impact the social landscape after the COVID-19 outbreak.

FutureTales Lab is ASEAN’s first private-sector futurology center. MQDC set up the lab at True Digital Park in Bangkok under its founding concept of ‘For All Well-Being’ to help government and business meet future challenges.

Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief Advisor to FutureTales Lab,
said: “A research team at FutureTales Lab by MQDC has highlighted important factors and issues, and then analyzed them by using the web of impact model.”

Here are the top 10 trends from FutureTales Lab by MQDC:

1. Social Structure – Backed by the emergence of IOT infrastructure and systems, people are increasingly likely to give greater importance to health and life quality.

2. Resilience & Agility by Force – Although trust between individuals will tend to diminish after the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborations between organizations and industries are expected to increase.

3. Global Emotional Crisis & Touchless Society – People may struggle to adjust to not being able to live a normal life. Co-working spaces might be transformed into sharing spaces. Contactless space will be more prevalent.

4. Public Space/Indoor Technology with Health Factor – Businesses like malls will develop tools to make consumers feel more comfortable and safe. Sanitizing systems have become as important as air conditioning, water supply, and electricity systems.

5. Prioritizing Space over Convenience– Home-buying decisions are changing. Office workers can work from home. Now residential locations can be in suburban areas and provide larger space with a garden.

6. Everything at Home – People will become more accustomed to staying home. They are likely to demand more space for a variety of activities.

7. Proactive Healthcare Platforms – City infrastructure, buildings, and houses need to be equipped with physical and mental healthcare platforms as a fundamental service.

8. Last-Mile & Same-Hour Logistics – Consumer behaviors are changing. These bring about rising demand for short-distance transport within a radius of 1 km as well as quick delivery within 1 hour.

9. Wearable Devices – Prioritizing Health & Safety over Privacy – Consumers will sacrifice personal data for security. Applications will know our locations on a real-time basis and evaluate the risk we are facing.

10. Super Food & Food Supply Chain Transparency to Personal Food Supply – Most consumers used to eat for psychological functions such as taste and socializing. From now on, though, they will be more aware of nutrition and health.


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