Electricity Meter Refund for MQDC Residents

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has announced that it will stop collecting deposits for electricity meters and refund deposits already paid.

The policy currently covers Thai nationals only. The MEA has yet to reveal if or when the policy might be extended to non-Thais.

Starting 1 April 2020, MQDC no longer charges electricity deposits from customers transferring units. You will now only pay for installation, which is not waived by MEA.

If you have received your final balance invoice and it includes a deposit fee, please contact MQDC’s Customer Services team. This applies to customers who have not yet registered the transfer of their unit into their ownership and/or the transfer of the electric meter.

How to get a MEA deposit refund
If you are the owner of an electricity meter Type 1 Residential and Type 2 Small business, you can register with the following information:
1. Thai name (Owner only)
2. Thai ID number 13 digits (Owner only)
3. CA/Ref. No. (Shown in bill)

How to register
1. Application: MEA Smart Life
2. Website:
3. Facebook : การไฟฟ้านครหลวง MEA
4. Twitter: @mea_news
5. Line: @meathailand
6. QR Code: Electricity bill
7. Metropolitan Electricity Authority in 18 branches.

Channel for refunds
1. PromptPay (Sync with 13-digit ID number)
2. Bank account (KTB, SCB, KBank only)
3. Counter service (up to THB50,000)

MEA Call Center: 1130