DTGO Assists in COVID-19 Outbreak with “Hearts United”

5 April 2020, Bangkok – DTGO has called on all its people to help in the COVID-19 outbreak by donating to “DTGO Hearts United”, a special fund to help people on low income who are suffering in the lockdown.

Buddharaksa Foundation, a non-profit that works with the group in educational initiatives, has selected 695 families to assist.

The number 695 has a special significance for the group, whose address is 695 Sukhumvit Soi 50. Many of DTGO’s teams are based here, prior to relocation to a new campus near MQDC’s upcoming flagship development The Forestias at Bangna.

Buddharaksa Foundation aims to provide a monthly subsidy of THB3,000 to each recipient for 2 months.

Beneficiaries include families of the many children from poor backgrounds who are kept in good-quality education by the foundation’s scholarships.

“DTGO Hearts United” will also help contract workers such as cleaners and security guards who are temporarily out of work in the COVID-19 lockdown.

All DTGO’s members are invited to dedicate 1-5% of their salary to the initiative.

You can contribute by transferring your donation to:

Buddharaksa Foundation, Bangkok Bank account 1335235147, Trok Chan Branch.

Please email details of your transfer to to receive a tax deduction.

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