DTGO’s “Food for Hope” Helps Communities Hit by COVID-19 Crisis

13 April 2020, Bangkok – Buddharaksa Foundation, a DTGO-linked charity, 1.6 Development Corporation Limited, and Mulberry Grove, a super-luxury ‘intergeneration’ residence brand under DTGO’s property developer MQDC, have launched “Food for Hope”, a program to distribute food to unprivileged communities suffering during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The initiative started on Thai New Year, Monday 13 April, and will continue to mid-May. The project is led by Buddharaksa Foundation with funding and operational support from 1.6 Development and Mulberry Grove.

“Food for Hope” targets the people in most need and also sources its meals from outlets hit by the lockdown, said Mr. ‘Jock’ Roongrote Chongsujipan, Mulberry Grove’s Senior Vice President.

“Our initiative aims to help the people worst affected by the outbreak,” he said.

“We are bringing quality food from local restaurants and taking it to communities whose people lack savings to survive weeks of unemployment due to COVID-19 outbreak.”

Buddharaksa Foundation, 1.6 Development Corporation Limited, and Mulberry Grove seek both your practical support and financial assistance.

Do you know of communities the team can help? If so, please contact Ms. ‘Pim’ Chuntana Sanarnkhun, Vice President of Strategic Corporate Social Contribution at DTGO, at

To help fund “Food for Hope”, please transfer a donation to Buddharaksa Foundation, Bangkok Bank account 1335235147, Trok Chan Branch.

Email details of your transfer to Mr. ‘Am’ Kanin Kaewin at (Your donation receipt will be eligible for tax deduction.)

Your help will bring hope to the communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Discover more about the work of Buddharaksa Foundation at