Buddharaksa Foundation and College of Fine Arts support art studies

18 September 2019, Bangkok – Art4Worth under Buddharaksa Foundation, represented by Vice Chairman Dr. Wit Soontaranun, signed an MoU with the College of Fine Arts at Bunditpatanasilp Institute, represented by Director Khun Charun Nong-Bua, to develop opportunities for vocational certificates and diploma vocational certificates in fine arts and bachelor degrees in visual arts and to support fine arts activities.

The college is a government institute that teaches both traditional and contemporary fine arts. It focuses of teaching Thai and international art such as painting, sculpture, drawing, composition, print, design, ceramics, contemporary Thai tradition, Thai architecture, and 10 types of technician art with guidance on further education and professional licenses. The college also aims to develop its students to contribute to society.

Buddaraksa Foundation is committed to helping provide a high-quality education to children and youths and to developing their potential in many fields. Art4Worth teaches art through a team of volunteer artists.

Buddharaksa Foundation would like to thank Art4Worth volunteers – Khun Yuthakit Prasompon, Khun Kachapum Suwanchote, Khun Noppon Toburin, Khun Montri Senee, Khun Surachai Sae-Lee, College of Fine Arts alumni, and everyone who helped at its classes and enabled the collaboration with the College of Fine Arts.