Urban Action Team joins Ladprao community to view new homes

15 January 2019, Bangkok – Asst. Prof. ‘Aj Tum’ Pongporn Sudbanthad and his Urban Action Team joined the Lang Wor Kor community on the Ladprao Canal as locals inspected their new homes, built within the canal masterplan in collaboration with canal-side communities, government bodies, and several organizations including Buddharaksa Foundation, DTGO, and MQDC.

The canal-side houses have been designed in close consultation with the community. The affordable, two-story homes replace wooden shacks built over the canal. These ramshackle constructions are now being cleared as Bangkok overhauls its canals to counter flooding and reduce urban blight.

Local people will be able to keep their neighborhood connections while escaping an array of health, social, and economic challenges, said Aj Tum.

“These homes will let locals live better lives yet preserve the social bonds they value,” said Aj Tum.

“Initial reactions have been very positive. Families now have the real prospect of breaking the cycle of deprivation, finding a better life together in a healthy environment with access to modern amenities and economic opportunities.” The Urban Action Team, supported by Buddharaksa Foundation, DTGO, and MQDC, is active in similar projects across Bangkok and also in Pattaya.

Under a philosophy of creating shared value, the group of architects and planners provides planning for initiatives by a host of public- and private-sector organizations.